DIY Harley Davidson Winter Project Checklist From Demon’s Cycle
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Like many Harley Davidson motorcycle owners you are probably getting ready to start your DIY winter project. You had a great time riding your bike, hopefully even took it out for some great trips this summer but it is time to begin making repairs and upgrades. Before you get started there are some things you want to make sure you have and some tips from Demon’s Cycle that will help your custom winter project go a little bit smoother and also help you to save money. Remember that it is always important to only do the work you feel comfortable doing on your bike and have a mechanic do the rest. That doesn’t mean you can’t still save money. Simply buy the custom Harley Davidson parts you need and avoid paying mechanic markups.

1. Don’t be afraid to buy early: If you aren’t planning on starting your do it yourself project for a few months don’t be afraid to get a jump start on buying the parts. Stores may have a great deal on custom handlebars, wheels and rims or something else you will need and you do not want to miss out on a great deal. Get what you need now while they are on sale, store them and you are ready to go when it is time to start your project. Note: make sure you check an item when you receive it even if you are planning on storing it. This way if it needs to be returned you have plenty of time to do so and won’t have an issue with warranty. It’s harder to replace something if you wait 3-4 months to do so.
2. Measure again and again: Before you place an order always make sure you have the exact measurements for the custom part you need as well as make sure that it is for your bike. Sometimes people make the mistake of ordering a set of handlebars for a softail when they own a sportster. Most of the time it is not a big deal but in some cases the part cannot be used and it has to be returned.
3. Assemble then paint: The biggest, most common mistake made on DIY Harley Davidson motorcycle winter repair projects is when bike owners send parts off to the painters without assembling the bike first. It is so tempting because you think that what you have will fit perfectly and the painter needs a lot of time to do their job and you want the bike assembled as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter; you MUST assemble your bike first, make sure everything fits correctly and then take apart the motorcycle and send off whatever you want painted. There are thousands of DIY stories of how someone assembling a custom bike didn’t make sure everything fit correctly and when they got the part from the painter there was a problem and they couldn’t return it. Don’t make that mistake.

Repairs or simple upgrades on your bike, it really doesn’t matter because for a do it yourself motorcycle winter project want to make sure that you eliminate mistakes to save you time and money. There is nothing more frustrating when working on a motorcycle than delays and mistakes that could have been easily avoided. Don’t make these mistakes when you are working on your Harley this winter. Demon’s Cycle not only has the best prices on custom Harley Davidson motorcycle parts but they also have the best tips on how to get the job done right.

Check Out The Demon's Cycle Online For Everything Harley Davidson
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Own a Harley Davidson and need tips on making repairs, getting new parts, how to store your bike over the winter or something else? Demon's Cycle has been around for over 20 years and has done it all from building custom motorcycles to being one of the largest distributors of custom Harley Davidson parts in the world.

The new online magazine will include everything from repair tips, what to do to make a custom build run smoothly, how to pick the right handlebars and much more.

However, this is not just an informative magazine. What's great about the Demon's Cycle online magazine is that Harley Davidson lovers will be able to interact, share on social media, comment, send in pictures of their bikes and so much more. We also encourage you to list topics and questions you want to see covered in the magazine.

Demon’s Cycle Black Friday Sale On Custom Harley Davidson Parts
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Demon's Cycle is having a huge sale on custom Harley Davidson motorcycle parts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday but you don't have to wait until then to get the great deals. These deals will go on for the entire month of November and you can get the custom parts you need at a great low price!

Do It Yourself Harley Davidson Repair Projects
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Near the top of DIY projects to take on this winter has to be repairs and custom builds on Harley Davidson motorcycles. Whether you are doing a custom build, changing out the handlebars or replacing a few parts that need to be upgraded working on your Harley is a great DIY project but before you get started here are a few tips to make sure it is a successful and enjoyable experience.

1. Don’t order everything yet: If you are making a lot of repairs or doing a complete build you do not want to order all the custom parts at once. The reason is because more than likely you will be doing this DIY project in your spare time and you don’t want to buy a ton of parts and realize a couple of them don’t match or you want to go a different direction. For example, you may order a set of ape hanger handlebars early on because that’s how you think the bike should be and then once you start putting it together you realize you want a shorter set or even a set of T-bars. That’s a problem if you order too soon.
2. Paint goes on last: It cannot be said enough; never send custom Harley Davidson motorcycle parts off to the painter unless they have already been installed on your Harley and you know for a fact they are the right size. So often bike owners in the midst of a do it yourself repair project skip steps and send parts off to the painter to save time. Then they go to install everything and realize they aren’t right and now you’re stuck.
3. You didn’t measure enough: Before you order anything make sure you measure and then measure again and then just because you’re bored do it one more time. The reason is because you will have to pay extra and deal with delays if you order the wrong size and that’s something everyone would like to avoid. Imagine ordering a set of ape hangers and you order 12 inches but you really want 16. That becomes an issue. Also there are ways to properly measure ape hanger handlebars for a Harley Davidson even if you don’t have them.

Right before you start any do it yourself motorcycle repairs project you want to make sure that you have the tools and space you are going to need to get the work done. Then plan accordingly with how and when you order the custom parts you need and you should have fewer delays during your work.

Demon's Cycle Launches Online Harley Davidson Magazine
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Demon's Cycle has launched an online magazine that will feature news and updates on sales of custom Harley Davidson motorcycle parts as well as information on custom builds, motorcycle repairs and more.

"We have years of content and information we want to share with our customers and all Harley Davidson motorcycle owners. What better way to do that than to open up an online magazine. We have tens of thousands of followers on social media but that isn't enough. We want to post more than just a few statuses and pictures, we want to educate the public on what we can do for them as well as tips on building, maintaining and enjoying your bike. There's no better way to do that than an online magazine and now we have one!" Demon's Cycle representative

The magazine will feature old content as well as new articles, videos and pictures. Fans will also be able to comment, ask questions and even request more topics they want to see covered.

Announcing the Demon’s Cycle Steal of the Week: Custom Harley Davidson Wheels and Rims
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Looking for a new set of wheels for your Harley Davidson motorcycle but waiting until winter to buy them? Don’t wait; you can get an insane deal on custom wheels for baggers, softail, sportster, Dyna and other Harley models from Demon’s Cycle!

If you have been looking to upgrade to 40 spoke to 80 spoke it doesn’t matter, this is the best time to buy these wheels because they are available at a lower price than any other time of the year!

The reason? Demon’s Cycle is having a clearance sale on a large selection of custom Harley Davidson motorcycle parts including handlebars, fenders, gas tanks and especially wheels!
So check out the vast selection and see the low prices on these and plenty of other custom wheels.

Making Repairs On A Harley Davidson Sportster
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Own a Harley Davidson sportster and you notice the upkeep is taking a lot of work and time lately? Owning any kind of motorcycle means you will be doing repair work often as parts wear down or break. It’s important to remember that before you go on a long trip you want to make sure all the parts are functioning well and if any need to be replaced give yourself plenty of time to make the repairs. However, if everything is in good condition then you can go on your trip and wait until after to start making modifications and repairs.

Remember that not all work done on your sportster has to be repair work. You could be making upgrades to your bike to make longer rides more comfortable. A simple adjustment to ape hanger handlebars can make your bike feel completely different than it will with T-bars so that is something to consider.

Before you make any changes or repairs to your Harley Davidson Sportster here are a few things you should know:

1. Don’t get in over your head: Yes it is tempting to save money and we all love the satisfaction of working on our own motorcycle but that doesn’t mean you should try and do the repair work yourself. If you lack experience or the knowledge needed to complete the work then go to a mechanic. It will save you time and in the long run you will also save money because the job will be done right, the first time.

2. Don’t go local: You have a Harley Davidson mechanic who does great work on sportsters and they have the time to work on yours. That’s great but now you are faced with the problem of having to pay for all the replacement sportster parts you are going to need. This could be ape hanger handlebars, a new fender, new wheels or anything else. If you go to the local shop or leave it to your mechanic to make the orders don’t be surprised when they cost more than you expected. The only way to save on Harley Davidson sportster parts is to buy online.

3. Never get used parts: It will be suggested to you that you get used Harley sportster parts because they are almost just as good as new ones and they cost less. This is true in some ways because a pair of used ape hangers or wheels that are in great condition are a better deal than new ones. However, how do you know they are in great condition? You can’t tell if something is slightly bent or dinged up just from looking at it. In many cases you can’t even tell when you install them. The only way you know is after a few rides when the used parts you bought aren’t feeling the way you expected them to. By then you cannot return them for a refund and they are not under warranty so you are literally stuck with them.

If you have the knowledge and time to make repairs to your sportster and replace the parts on it then that’s great. If you don’t there is nothing wrong with going to a mechanic to get the job done but that still doesn’t mean you have to pay top price for custom parts. Go online and get a much better deal on what you need.

Need to make repairs on your Softail?
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Before you start making repairs on your Harley Davidson softail it is important that you take some time to prepare for the costs and game plan of the work that is going to be done. Ask yourself:

1. Are you doing the repairs yourself?
2. Are you capable of making these repairs?
3. How can you save on the work if you do it yourself?
4. How can you save on the work if you hire a mechanic?

Answers to these questions and more about repairs on a Harley Davidson softail aren't hard to find!

Demon's Cycle Announces Huge Sale on Harley Davidson Handlebars
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Demon's Cycle is having a major clearance sale on Harley Davidson handlebars. If you own a softail, wide glide, bagger, sportster, Dyna or other type of motorcycle and you want to upgrade and replace your handlebars this is your chance.

ALL bars are on sale including Ape Hangers, T-Bars, El Diablo, Frisco and more!

This is the time to purchase these bars because you will not find them at a better price at any other time of the year. Planning a winter project? Buy the bars now and store them until you are ready to start working on your bike.

Tired of your T-Bars? We have ape hangers that start at $115. You cannot find a better deal than that!

Get an awesome deal on Sportster Stretched Gas Tank from Demon's Cycle
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Looking to upgrade the gas tank on your Harley Davidson sportster but don't want to break the bank to do it? Now is the perfect time to shop around as Demon's Cycle is having an overstocked sale on all sportster stretched gas tanks on our website.

Don't wait until winter to start buying the parts you are going to need to make repairs on your bike when you can get them now at a really low price and then store them until you are ready to start working. That's how you end up saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars when you are making repairs on your Harley.

So don't miss out on this chance to get the Demon's Cycle stretched Sportster gas tank at a super cheap price today!


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