Filming is Done
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The long tortures hours of filming are slowly come to an end when Tom gave his final 3 hr interview at his Boca Raton home.

We all had a blast with the European RTL TV Crew.

We want to thank everyone for the hard work and long hours they put in to this filming,





From the Reality TV Show
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Here are some pictures from the behind the scene reality TV filming at Daouds Fine Jewelry super store in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

What are great and amazing family owned Jewelry business and Rolex watch store. We are only trying to show the best Florida has to offer to RTL TV crew.





Filming Goes On
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Filming of the reality TV show continues with Tom Steinbacher inviting RTL crew to his home in Boca Raton and then taking some friends including model Metisha Larocca and singer/model Courtney Vaughn on a boat ride. Everyone has been in the “making a movie” mode for days now. Shooting scenes for a TV show is not easy and participants and especially filming crew are getting exhausted. Taking a nice brake on a 65 foot yacht was a welcome change and everyone had good time and a chance to recharge.









TV Show Filming Continues
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In this portion of the show Tom is delivering a custom Harley-Davidson to his client, MMA Blackzilian fighter Tyrone Spong to Jaco Hybrid Gym in Boca Raton. The TV crew stopped on A1A to do a little photoshoot and then proceeded to the Jaco gym. Tom met with Tyrone and showed some of the training techniques Blackzilians are famous for. There ia always plenty of action worthy of filming in Jaco gym. Later Tom gave the Harley to Tyrone.



TV Show Filming
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TV crew is prepping Demon's Cycle show room for filming.


New Episode of Reality TV
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German TV filming crew is here again and working on another episode involving Demon's Cycle

Their flight was delayed but they still managed to get here in time for Demon's photoshoot with model Valeria Orsini


Valeria Orsini is getting her make-up done and TV crew gets to work.

Tom and Art during the photoshoot. Valeria is posing, and the TV people all around.

Tom Steinbacher gives an interview.

Valeria Orsini in the picture from the photoshoot.

Knowledge is Power
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No job cab done wright without knowledge. While experience is the king and one trusts in his ability to handle screwdrivers and wrenches an new project can prove itself to be disastrous and costly.
Proper research prior to beginning of the project is a must. It will result in adequate planning and all the questions will be answered beforehand. "Measure twice, cut once" is always a good idea.
Nobody has all the experience and all the answers. Even the bona fide experts have to look something up or ask for an advice one in awhile.

We don't want to leave our customers hanging because all of them are involved into projects of various difficulty from upgrading and repairing their Harley-Davidsons, to building custom chopper motorcycles. We have posted a number of instructions written by our knowledgeable crew right on the front page of our website. (Scroll down a bit and you will fond it). We have also posted a number of diagrams of various Harley-Davidson and custom components for you to use.

But we couldn't answer all the questions even if did nothing but support. But there are specialists out there who can. And they write books! Books with instructions and illustrations. And we have lot's of these books covering everything from maintenance of various Harley-Davidson motorcycle models, to painting, to building a custom chopper from the ground up. Even if you are not doing your own sheet metal fabrication or planning on setting up a professional bike shop yo will find something that relates to your bike and your project. So do yourself a favor and check out our motorcycle book collection right here.

Demon's 114" Custom Engines are Better than Ever
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"Demons" 114" engine built by Ultima is a great success. Now proven design is getting even better. 114 just came out equipped with a R1 Ultima carburetor (Ultima's improved version of S&S Super G carb) and a custom air cleaner assembly of a new design.
Engine comes fully factory assembled (made in USA) and carries factory warranty honored by Ultima.


Demon's 114 motor in Polished and Chrome finish
Demon's 114 motor in Black and Chrome finish

New Custom Wheels from Demon's Cycle
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New 48 Mammoth spoke wheels are finally here and as predicted become an instant hit.

These tubeless wheels come in virtually every size,  fit and in chrome or powdercoated black finish.

Rear wheels very form standard to custom 200, 250, 300 wide sizes. The front wheels vary in width, single or dual disc hubs and sizes go from 18" to 21" to new hotness of 23"

These custom wheels look great on any Harley-Davidson and will not go out of style.

Thiago Alves
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Thiago "Pitbull" Alves MMA figter from American Top Team is picking up his custom motorcycle from Demon's Cycle

Thiago with Thomas Steinbacher

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